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About Physiotherapy

Today Is An Independent Health Care Profession For All The Age Groups From Neonatal To Geriatrics. (From Birth To Old Age.) The Task Of Early Intervention In Neonatal Cases Is Taken Over By A Physiotherapist, New Born Babies With Birth Defects Are Evaluated And Treated, Which Helps In Minimizing Disabilities And Helps In Early Ambulation.

Women's Wellness, Maintaining Healthy Lifestyle After Menopause Needs Attention.

Common Problems Are: Obesity, Arthritis, Incontinence Of Urine, Fatigue, Aches & Pains In Joints Etc

Pain Management In Acute & Chronic Cases Are Managed By Physiotherapists.

Nowadays, Physiotherapy As A Treatment For The Motion Of Mass Is Applied In A Complex Of Rehabilitation Measures In Hospitals, Dispensaries, Clinics And Other Health Care Facilities.

All These Have Gained Immense Popularity For Today's Physiotherapists. If You Or Your Loved One Have Experienced Any Kind Of Sprain,Injury, Or Muscular Disorder Physiotherapy Can Do A World Of Good For Your Overall Physical Well Being And Put You On The Track Fqst Recovery.

If You Have Any Of The The Below Given Conditions You Can Opt. For Physiotherapy For Long Term Banefits:-

  1. Posture Problem:- Back Pain,Lower Back Pain , Neck Pain , Shoulder Pain, Muscular Weakness, Scapular Instability,Poor Muscle Tone , Muscular Imbalance , Hypotonia.
  2. Joint Pain:- Arthritis, Osteoporosis,Lupus, Joint Instability, Bursitis, Degenerative Joints , Age Related Joint Ailment
  3. Joint Injury :-Sprain&Strain In Ankle ,Knees, Elbow ,Shoulder Wrist,Etc, Torn Cartilage, Degenerative Meniscus, Joint Hyper Mobility.
  4. Recovery From Surgery:- Hip Replacement, Acl Reconstruction,Tendon Surgery, Tkr (Total Knee Replacement) Ligament Surgery, Spinal Cord Injury Surgery, Reconstruction Surgery ,Post Meniscectomy ,Disk Surgery.
  5. Tissue Injury :- Tennis Elbow ,Golfer's Elbow, Whiplesh , Achillies Tendonitis, Back And Neck Strain, Rotator Cuff Injury, Tendonitis.

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