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Understanding Commercial Disinfecting

When it comes to keeping your facility safe and clean, it is important to know the differences between cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting. All too often people think these terms mean the same or are interchangeable but they are not.

Cleaning: Most of us would like to think we know this one! But surprisingly, cleaning only refers to removing visible contaminants from a surface.
Mechanical Cleaning: Mechanical Cleaning utilizes physical action like pushing, scraping, scrubbing or similar to physically remove dirt from an object or surface.

Sanitization: Sanitizing refers to lowering the number of germs to a safe level. Sanitizing isn't the same as cleaning. Think about hand sanitizer, when put on dirty hands they don't become magically clean, just mostly de-germed. In your building, before a surface can be sanitized it should be cleaned. Sanitizers are agents that destroy most bacteria in a short time.
Disinfection: Disinfecting refers to killing nearly 100 percent of germs on surfaces or objects. Disinfectants are products that, used correctly, destroy all organisms in 10 minutes measured by a test regulated by the EPA. The efficiency of disinfectants is a critical point here. For example in a hospital situation, or now with the threat of the coronavirus, it's more important to kill ALL germs even if it takes longer rather than to kill most of them quickly. Sterilize: To sterilize something requires the almighty autoclave or something equally as powerful to insure a 100% kill rate on microorganisms, viruses, and any type of fungal spore. For those of you that have seen an autoclave before, you know that this isn't a practical cleaning solution for a big, busy building and for that reason is only used on medical and dental tools as necessary.

What Does My Facility Need?
So, what do you actually need in terms of cleaning? In normal times we would use a mix of mechanical cleaning, sanitizing and disinfection. So for instance, floors would be mechanically cleaned to remove dirt leaving them looking their cleanest. Office kitchens and break rooms would be sanitized and restrooms would be disinfected.
For this reason, it is recommended that commercial disinfection be utilized facility wide. A disinfecting service requires EPA certified solutions to destroy germs rather than simply reduce them. Commercial disinfection can also utilize electric chemical atomizer fogging units that coat areas with a clear drying fine mist of an EPA certified chemical known to be effective against other corona viruses. This can provide blanket protection here you need it most. It is important that your janitorial service use the approved disinfection methods and EPA certified chemicals. Currently, it is recommended minimum areas of disinfection as: counters and table tops; desks and work stations; keyboards/mice; phones and tablets; restroom fixtures; toilets; and any other touchpoints (areas that are touched often by many people) as these areas are among the highest risk.

Need Some Help? We Have A Plan
Don't leave the health and safety of your employees or your reputation to chance. Here at impact Diagnostics we are here to help in removing biohazard contaminants from your facility. Through the usage of approved disinfection methods, professionally trained staff(eidemiologist, Sanitory expert and paramedic) and over 05 years industry experience - we are ready and capable to provide additional enhanced services to disinfect your entire facility. We also offer commercial disinfection services, office disinfecting services, industrial disinfection services, medical disinfection services and restroom disinfecting service. Call us today for a personalized disinfection and deep cleaning plan for your facility.

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